Allessia's Story

Year One: 2011-2012
Watching students in the hallways or outside on the sport field at Lanterman High School you wouldn’t notice Allesia among the many students in their hoodies. With her dark hair, sleepy eyes and medium build, the only thing that might draw your attention to Allesia was her high-pitched, sometimes “sing-songish” voice, along with her tendency to laugh aloud at times that seemed surprising to others.

Looking around at the students in her classroom, Allesia would likely be seen working alone quietly at her desk. However, she had a tendency to become animated and jovial on her own schedule. At Lanterman, her “special needs” place her somewhere along the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Described as “moody” by her teachers, some might have said that 13-yr.-old Allesia had an “attitude.” Read More

Current Projects

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Donte's Story

Year One: 2011-2012
When Donte began school in the fall of 2011 he would have been easy to identify when observing his classroom. Not because he shared certain physical characteristics of a 12-yr.-old with Down syndrome, or was a bit overweight, but because he was the obviously quiet one who preferred to sit at his desk and color. And even when addressed directly, Donte kept his head low and his eyes closed or open just enough to see you – without you seeing him. Read More